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What is an extremophile?

-    An extremophile is a most excellent organism that thrives under conditions that are extreme by human standards.  They can survive    extremely hot and cold temperatures, and live in places you would never expect. Extremophiles are microorganisms, either bacteria or archaea, and are generally in three main groups: Thermophiles, Psychrophiles, and Halophiles.

Where on Earth can extremophiles be found?

-    Extremophiles can be found in deserts, within ice and permafrost, in hot springs and vents on the ocean floor, deep within the Earth's crust, and in hypersaline (hella salty) water.


What factors demonstrate extremophiles' amazing survival capabilities?

-    Amounts of water, pH levels, temperatures, salt concentration, oxidation, magnetic fields, and radiation generally determine habitability.  Extremophiles thrive under incredible combinations and amounts of such factors.

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